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Birthday Hike


Leave it to my dad to want to celebrate his birthday at the Stanford Dish! Happy (belated) Birthday daddy, may we continue to climb higher peaks!!!! ❤

P.S. For anyone who hasn’t looked into Charity Miles, it definitely beats Pokemon Go at providing an impetus to go out there and break a sweat!!! Although, my sister did catch 2 Pikachus and overtake a Pokemon gym at the Dish!! ;P


Level 20??! @_@


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Along the Pacific Coast Highway in Three Days (Mostly In Pictures, Coz Who Needs Words?) 3/3


Hello and welcome to day three of the road trip! (You can read the first post in the series here and the second post here) I left you off with some brownie sundae on Cannery Row! On day three, we took the opportunity to explore the almost ‘private beach’ behind Spin Drift Inn.

Shilpa_Tripathi_PCH_RoadTrip_monterey&sc - 1

Pacific Highway Road Trip: Day 3 Monterey Bay

Leaving Monterey was tough but I was excited about Santa Cruz! By the time we reached Santa Cruz, we were ready for lunch at Burgr & dessert at Donnelly Chocolates. Their chocolates are famous all over US (and the world, claimed by the company ;P) so if you drop by, it might be worth a try if you have a sweet tooth. It wasn’t per my palette but my sister and friends loved them!

Santa Cruz is one of the most stunning beaches in California! ❤

After Santa Cruz was a quick drive through Mavericks (Because who isn’t a fan of Chasing Mavericks!) Photographed here is the Pillar Point Air Force Station that overlooks Half Moon Bay.

Shilpa_Tripathi_PCH_RoadTrip_sf - 1.jpg

It was a mid-day energy slump so we found this tiny little cafe along the coast called Here Comes The Sun. They were closing so the coffee was whatever but I thought the interiors were adorable!

We finally reached San Francisco and the final hotel stop was the Mark Hopkins Intercontinental. It was a gorgeous view and was worth the splurge.

Z&Y are one of my favorite Chinese restaurant ever so there was no way we wouldn’t do dinner there! They actually have decent vegetarian options. After Obama stopped by the restaurant has gotten very mainstream but the food is still great! This was followed by the Pagan Idol on Bush St. to cap the night! Bet you thought you would see Bush and Obama in the same paragraph on this blog huh? Well… Just keeping you on your toes!

Before heading back to square one, we had some delicious breakfast followed by a tour of Grace Cathedral, kind of coming full circle! 

Thanks for joining us on our road trip!!! What did you think? Which places would you include along the coast? (You can read the first post in the series here and the second post here)

Again, I would like to thank California Through my Lens and Josh’s blogs on Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) Road Trip Day Guide. #checkitout


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Made In India


Happy Indian Independence Day Jai Hind!

The more I live away from India, the more I value the inherent kindness amongst my people. Although India is struggling to bridge many gaps in the modern world, it has never and (here’s praying) will never struggle to be a country of appreciation, generosity, celebration, family and tradition. I love you India and I am more proud than ever to be rooted in your land! Happy Independence Day! ❤ Shilpa

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Those Who Do

Adobe Spark-3

Remember the saying, “those who can’t do, teach”? Boy has that changed. Today, doers write, express and connect, leaving a beautiful web of education for those who wish to benefit from their expertise. It is amazing to watch education being symbiotically reformed through platforms that echo experiential information through the digital world in real time. There is no reason for anyone not to partake in it, after all, it only solidifies your position as an expert in that field! If you know how to do something well, share it, even if it is the ability to thread a needle faster than anyone you know-You never know who may benefit from it! Because only those who do, should teach! ❤ Shilpa

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Free Advice


Don’t remind me of what I have done. Help me figure out where I am going. ❤ Shilpa

I have an aversion to free advice. I change. I don’t need to be reminded of the steps that brought me here. I want to talk about possibilities. I want to believe in magic. I want to conjure up a grand scheme. I want to tell and hear grand stories. 😉 ❤ ❤

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What June Gloom?

Just like my workspace photographed above, it has been tumultuous year so far! #MajorChanges happening. Amongst all that madness, I have still managed to snap a couple of pictures celebrating the week that’s passed…I hope you find something interesting there 🙂

RIP Muhammad Ali. Just like him, we must never stop the #Hustle

❤ Shilpa

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