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Of Seeds and Sand: How Words Transform Us


Have you ever gotten an email that you never expected (and didn’t think you deserved) and it changed the course of your day? Yep. I got one yesterday. I was going about my calculus homework when I clicked on a random private message on Facebook. Although I won’t quote their words because it was rather personal, I will however share the most beautiful thought presented in the message…

Place trust in the digital universe like the real universe…Thoughts are like seeds…if you spread them out and tend for them, they will blossom into something incredible.

So not only am I blogging as this kind stranger urged me to do, but I am spreading these beautiful thoughts to you through this blog. It appears that no matter how small we are when we stand alone, together, we can be (and are) enough… ❤ Shilpa

P.S. Thanks MJ for this brilliant shot on one of my favorite beaches! 

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And That’s the Way It Is

You know when you want something really bad? You chase it. You wait with bated breath for it. You ask the universe for it and then to all the local Gods and Goddesses for good measure. ‘Please. Please. PLEASE!’ You beg. ‘If you give me this… then I will…’ You bargain. ‘I did that fast for you!’ You threaten.

No good. You still don’t get that thing.

Then you go through regret, depression, withdrawal and then finally you bury it in the depths of your mind, wanting to move on.

You pick a new obsession.

Well guess what? Your wish is granted! Just like that!

You say to yourself, ‘well, that’s great! i don’t even want it anymore!’ But you did. And it came in due time. Now you have to deal with it.

And that’s the way it is folks. You will always get what you desire. In it’s time. Mostly when you don’t care for it anymore. But you will.

And then, it will be a matter of whether you chose to keep it, run with it or throw it away…

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Of Buffing Nails and Chipped Manicures…

Top Coat.

True to the female species, I love salon day. With admirable ardor, I reach half an hour early for my twelve o’clock appointment. 

‘You’re early!’ the receptionist exclaims. 
‘Yep. I’ll wait.’ I say. 
After a cup of coffee and five semi-lame articles in Vogue, I am being led to a leather chair that has an unbelievable ‘neck and shoulder massage’ setting. Brilliant!
As my digits are being buffed and polished, I strike up a conversation with the manicurist Alan (pseudo-name of course). He starts telling me about the wonders of reflexology and even gives me awesome hints about how to treat my sluggish thyroid with pressure points. 
Amazed, I ask about his other areas of knowledge. He knows about Siddha Yoga, Reiki, and many other wonderful and undervalued forms of healing (thankfully being rediscovered by a growing range of insatiated people seeking higher levels of physical and spiritual understanding). He explains how he can send energy to the head chakra and heal headaches. In his experience, the key to our entire earthly experience can be controlled by chakras and energy. 

Blurry vision. Blackout.

The foot reflexology does it’s trick. I wake up to glittering nails and incredibly watery eyes. I believe have just experienced what they call ‘spa nirvana’. 
We continue our conversation and I soon discover that we hold similar beliefs about the universe. 
‘It’s true,’ he enthuses. ‘What we wish for, with our entire being, comes to pass!’  
I nod my head and clutch my fists in delight, feeling inspired. His positivity is that strong. His belief is that powerful. 
I smudge my nails for the second time. He shakes his head, laughs and repaints them. 
‘It happens all the time. Let it dry for five minutes.’ he urges. 
OK. I’ll make myself a statue of sorts.  
Ten minutes and a minor cramp later, I get up. My nail polish can’t possibly smudge now, I convince myself. Finally! Perfect nails fit for a lady. Bellissimo!
I pay my dues and tips, write a positive feedback, and leave with a huge grin. Money well spent.
I reach home and flash my shiny nails to my grandma. To my horror, my pinky’s nail paint has a chip that looks like the boot of Italy. No!
‘What a surprise,’ I say to myself, rolling my eyes. Ever the klutz, Shilpa. Ever the ape. 
I Sigh. 
I guess I’ll never be the girl with the perfect nails. 
I don’t mind, I guess.
If I can just be the girl with the magical fingers. 

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