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Of Sugar & Light: The Year When Diwali Led Halloween


Diwali may actually be the direct opposite of Halloween. And yet, here are these two festivals, being celebrated within a day of each other in 2016. The light and the dark. The good and the supposed evil. As Hindus around the world light the world with diyas and pray for prosperity, graveyards pop up on the front yards of the western world. As spiderwebs are cleared to make way for clarity in Indian homes, fake cobwebs are places over wooden door trims and corners in America . But there is one thing in common…


Whether it be in the form of candy or pedas, sugar is the high that makes everyone feel happy, and both traditions make it a point of exchanging lots of it! So have something sweet and be merry. After all, a festival is merely a means for communicating with the people who matter to us, whether it be in costume or in spanking new gold jewelry. Happy Diwali & Happy Halloween! May you conquer evil, find joy, revel in prosperity and enjoy a decadent meal with the people you love…<3 Shilpa


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#truth Mr. Dalai Lama ❤️ Shilpa

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Better Believe It

Always prepare for the best and trust your instincts! #thatsWhatShilpaSaid

I’m tired of people saying prepare for the worst and don’t trust people. You get what u believe so believe in something better! Holla!! ❤

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There She Goes

I was harmlessly reading an ebook in a cafe near my house, wired by my second cappuccino and the companionship of my granny, when I noticed that the cafe had filled up to its brim over the past hour. The chilled out environment that I was enjoying till then had, therefore, been converted to an over-enthused, laugh-out-loud environment. Usually, I enjoy ambient chatter around me. That’s why, when I’m in my own company, I prefer to converse over coffee. 🙂 However, I needed to chew the book’s information and well, it wasn’t chewing. So, I decided to bail.

As I got up, a group of almost ten people turned to look at me. Usually, staring doesn’t phase me. Over the years, I’ve grown to live with it. But such obvious practice of the action was baffling. I heard a curly-haired, plump girl exclaim, ‘Oye, She’s leaving!’ to one of her friends. That did it. It was beyond disrespectful. As I walked toward the door, I paused, looked at her and smirked, making it obvious that I knew they were talking about me. Then I looked her up and down and left. Hopefully the message was clear: look at yourself first, woman! It’s not cool to stare and point, whether in adulation or criticism.

I was a little disappointed by the fact that it affected me so much that I had to resort to demeaning ‘looks’ to make a point. But it also made me wonder why people so obviously stare. I went home to tell my cousins that they better never stare stupidly at anyone and that judgement is best left to the gods. I hope the message stuck.

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