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Of Sugar & Light: The Year When Diwali Led Halloween


Diwali may actually be the direct opposite of Halloween. And yet, here are these two festivals, being celebrated within a day of each other in 2016. The light and the dark. The good and the supposed evil. As Hindus around the world light the world with diyas and pray for prosperity, graveyards pop up on the front yards of the western world. As spiderwebs are cleared to make way for clarity in Indian homes, fake cobwebs are places over wooden door trims and corners in America . But there is one thing in common…


Whether it be in the form of candy or pedas, sugar is the high that makes everyone feel happy, and both traditions make it a point of exchanging lots of it! So have something sweet and be merry. After all, a festival is merely a means for communicating with the people who matter to us, whether it be in costume or in spanking new gold jewelry. Happy Diwali & Happy Halloween! May you conquer evil, find joy, revel in prosperity and enjoy a decadent meal with the people you love…<3 Shilpa


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21 Days

Tripped Out

Tripped Out

It started with me crying about missing my parents. Next thing I knew, me and my roomy were on a road trip to north Cali. From busy LA to the quiet and serene house on a hill. From local restaurants to mom’s home-cooked food. It was three blissful days.

I come back to LA and left for Las Vegas the next morning, squeezing in time to plan and work. Vegas trip 1 was all about introducing a friend to the wonders of Vegas: night life, hotels, endless buffets, casinos and incredible architecture. I returned from Vegas wiped out. The static and heat of Vegas can do anyone in. But I didn’t have time to rest.

I had to shoot for two days. Chaos of artistic endeavor followed to favorable results. This was followed by a ten-hour good-bye to my bestie. She was going on vacation.

Las Vegas called again and I answered. I found myself driving there the day after my shoot ended with another set of visitors. Vegas trip 2 consisted of a 1000+ feet drop from the Stratosphere, awesome rides, the eau show, The Mac King show, insane sight seeing and a failed trip to a slot machine.

Then I came back to LA to welcome friends from NorCal. Disney, Universal, Hollywood, beaches, museums… The works… I think it’s safe to say that at this point, I have re-visited every tourist spot in my city for the nth time.

At this point, I believe my love-hate feelings for Vegas surpasses those of the Hangover guys.

At this point, I believe that you can have too much of a good thing. Especially Vegas.

At this point, I believe I can fly! [Sorry I couldn’t resist…shout-out to R Kelly…;P]

But boy did I miss blogging beyond belief! It’s insane how writing what I think or feel has become such a large part of my routine and identity. So, I’m happy to be back!

P.S. Remember my survivor iPhone? Yea, the 200-feet fall finally registered. I didn’t bury it. My iPhone that lived and died a warrior’s death (right in time for my upgrade) will stay with me, a beacon of strength…

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