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Of Sugar & Light: The Year When Diwali Led Halloween


Diwali may actually be the direct opposite of Halloween. And yet, here are these two festivals, being celebrated within a day of each other in 2016. The light and the dark. The good and the supposed evil. As Hindus around the world light the world with diyas and pray for prosperity, graveyards pop up on the front yards of the western world. As spiderwebs are cleared to make way for clarity in Indian homes, fake cobwebs are places over wooden door trims and corners in America . But there is one thing in common…


Whether it be in the form of candy or pedas, sugar is the high that makes everyone feel happy, and both traditions make it a point of exchanging lots of it! So have something sweet and be merry. After all, a festival is merely a means for communicating with the people who matter to us, whether it be in costume or in spanking new gold jewelry. Happy Diwali & Happy Halloween! May you conquer evil, find joy, revel in prosperity and enjoy a decadent meal with the people you love…<3 Shilpa


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Of Seeds and Sand: How Words Transform Us


Have you ever gotten an email that you never expected (and didn’t think you deserved) and it changed the course of your day? Yep. I got one yesterday. I was going about my calculus homework when I clicked on a random private message on Facebook. Although I won’t quote their words because it was rather personal, I will however share the most beautiful thought presented in the message…

Place trust in the digital universe like the real universe…Thoughts are like seeds…if you spread them out and tend for them, they will blossom into something incredible.

So not only am I blogging as this kind stranger urged me to do, but I am spreading these beautiful thoughts to you through this blog. It appears that no matter how small we are when we stand alone, together, we can be (and are) enough… ❤ Shilpa

P.S. Thanks MJ for this brilliant shot on one of my favorite beaches! 

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 I have learned something tremendous from some very special dogs that have jumped and kissed their way into my life and heart, which I had to share with you: even when someone walks through that door ten times a day, you should go crazy with joy and show them your unconditional love. ❤ Shilpa


Stir Crazy Love

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Self-Portrait (Or So It Seems)

Self Portrait By Shilpa Tripathi

Self Portrait By Shilpa Tripathi

This is my very first Self Portrait.

Why? I have too many pictures of me.

So whats this painting about, you ask?

You can’t photograph that!

Also, I guess once every twenty-or-so years, is almost kind of mandatory.

So what’s with the flames? Well this was supposed to be a painting of Sati. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Hindu mythology, Sati was Shiva’s wife (the God of destruction). I wanted to represent the story where she jumped into the flames of her father’s ceremonial pyre to represent her faith and love for Shiva.

On reflection, I realized that I have jumped into the pyre for my beliefs too. And so have many other courageous girls and women I know of. Before I knew it, I started feeling that Sati’s story represents that of every woman (or individuals, really): Those who jump into the fire for what they love.

Soon, the painting started to evolve as a representation of the sacrifices we make for our love, faith and belief and how every time we jump, we rise like a phoenix: More beautiful and stronger than ever before.

Though it’s a self portrait, I dedicate it to every woman (shout-out to my my mom, sister & grandma). ❤ Shilpa

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Wisdom says I’m nothing. Love says I’m everything. Between those two my life moves…

I’m just in complete awe of this thought.

So simple.

So profound. ❤

Wisdom says I’m…

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This Valentine’s, Love Your Fool

Love Your Fool

Dear (love)ly readers,

Valentines, albeit it’s commerciality, is a great day for celebrating what holds the treads of humanity together: LOVE! Good old-fashioned love. But, often, we love the tyrant in ourselves and others. The part that keeps stomping on our dreams and hopes and beliefs for ‘realism’. The one that embraces company that lets you down. The one that allows partners to humiliate and abuse. The one that comes dressed up in words like ‘self-control’ and ‘mature’ and sounds like sarcasm.

Don’t love that tyrant. It will reduce you to a sort-of-getting-there human being with happiness sucked right out of your system.

This valentines day, glorious readers, love your fool! The one that hurts, feels, makes massive errors, and loves. Truly loves. Without the need for gifts. Without the need for recognition. The quiet, unbounded and resolute love. The unconditional love.

Love truly this valentines day. Love the fool in you and the fool in others! And watch real cupid magic… ❤


Shilpa Tripathi

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The Incredible Proposal


A New Beginning is what every year proposes. But instead of kneeling, it looms over us like the sun and dazzles us with the brilliance of a million diamonds. And like optimistic brides-to-be, we nod our heads and fan ourselves, hoping that this new phase in our lives will introduce brilliant prospects and adorable babies. Hoping that the incredible will happen. Hoping that engaging drama will unfold. Hoping that things will change.

My relationship with this year comes with a prenup. A prenup that states that neither of us leaves without a story worth telling.

What stories do you want to tell by the end of 2013? Care to elaborate?

P.S. Happy 2013!

P.P.S. Remember: It’s a short marriage of only 365 days. So, make it count!


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Audacity of Hope

To Hope!

Obama is re-elected!

Another political blog entry? Nope! You may heave a sigh of relief. This blog isn’t about what’s right and wrong with the world. It’s about imagery. Intrigued? Read on…

Why did Obama win? The answer might be in the title of his book The Audacity of Hope. Hope is eternal. It is what sustains this world. It’s what sustains humanity. It’s our trust that there is something better, something bigger, more worthwhile.

You can’t beat a figure that aligns itself with the word. It’s what the prophets have done in the past. It’s what every leader hopes to do in the future.

I had wagered that it would take a colossal campaign to beat hope. A stronger emotion than hope? Perhaps, love. I doubt the Republicans could spin a campaign on love. Politics does hate better than love and hate is definately not the right ball to play in 2012. So, hope wins. As it should.

I for one can only hope that human hope is strong enough. Strong enough to bring the world and it’s people into times of true equal-opportunity, intellectual success and happiness. Strong enough to pass on the gift of hope to future generations. And the generations thereafter…



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Love, Peace, Tangents baby!

From Point to Space

When I was learning about tangents in maths, it was a concept of humor. ‘Don’t be a tangent!’ We would laugh. ‘That theory was tangent to my head,’ we would lament.

Tangent: A line that touches but doesn’t intersect.

Touches but doesn’t intersect.

When you think about the consequence of such a line, it’s phenomenal. It’s not separated. It’s not in it’s own dimension. It’s still a part of that world/ space/ point. But  it doesn’t take part in all of the world’s/ space’s activity. It doesn’t confine to all of it’s rules and dogmas. It’s free spirited with responsibilities (I know I’m stretching the limit of the definition but stay with me).

It’s such a quality that maybe the key to a quality life. If we can all fulfill our responsibilities as children of Mother Earth, yet adhere to the callings of our spirit, it would less likely point us the wrong way. It would make our society a place of gathering and celebration rather than a place of crime and judgement. It would give us freedom. Precious freedom.

I know what you’re thinking. That stuff worked in the 70’s Shilpa! Great theory girl! Great, irrelevant and loopholed theory!

But, this theory isn’t all that tangential (pun intended). Mahatma Gandhi, Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa and so many others have lived fulfilling lives as tangents to the society (until their relevance to the same society made them legends).

Maybe I’m deluded but I can’t help but imagine how it would be if we all connected at points and soon after went our own ways…

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