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Of Sugar & Light: The Year When Diwali Led Halloween


Diwali may actually be the direct opposite of Halloween. And yet, here are these two festivals, being celebrated within a day of each other in 2016. The light and the dark. The good and the supposed evil. As Hindus around the world light the world with diyas and pray for prosperity, graveyards pop up on the front yards of the western world. As spiderwebs are cleared to make way for clarity in Indian homes, fake cobwebs are places over wooden door trims and corners in America . But there is one thing in common…


Whether it be in the form of candy or pedas, sugar is the high that makes everyone feel happy, and both traditions make it a point of exchanging lots of it! So have something sweet and be merry. After all, a festival is merely a means for communicating with the people who matter to us, whether it be in costume or in spanking new gold jewelry. Happy Diwali & Happy Halloween! May you conquer evil, find joy, revel in prosperity and enjoy a decadent meal with the people you love…<3 Shilpa


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The glass blower’s secret

Just as the glass blower molds glass

and fills it with the rainbow

seconds before it hardens,

our innocent years fill us up

with habits,

with dreams to fulfill.

Perhaps after the formation,

we must break apart into a million pieces,

so that we may pick up the ones

which resonate with our soul

and glue them back together

with the hope of creating something resembling

the truest expression of our self.

We mustn’t fear the breaking,

because only after the breaking

comes the re-formation.

❤ Shilpa

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Max N Relax

Evil Eye & 70's Ice Cream Cone Pots (Go Figure!) By Shilpa Tripathi

Evil Eye & 70’s Ice Cream Cone Pots (Go Figure!) By Shilpa Tripathi

Despite resisting the more ‘craftier’ arts for most of my life (due to selective hand-eye coordination), I’m really starting to enjoy throwing clay on a wheel (Above: Evil Eye and 70’s Ice Cream Cone Pots that I painted today and are heading to the kiln as I write this). The feeling of molding the clay between my fingers while it spins is strangely therapeutic (maybe even hypnotic), kind of like running my toes in the sand while looking into the endless expanse of the ocean. It’s really stress relieving. So, if anyone is looking for a messy but gratifying artistic pursuit, I’d recommend heading to a ceramic studio (mine was conveniently near the beach so I got maximum therapy). ❤ Shilpa

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Price Is Right

The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it

-Henry Thoreau  

I’m often asked my favorite quote (since I do have a penchant for them). I think this one nails it. ❤

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A Lesson In Humility

In the world of self confidence and self obsession, its hard to find humility and gratitude. As is appears, humility is now deemed a virtue of the weak. Successful people know their worth. They know that they are special. And they know that people should agree with these sentiments. Why in the world would they be humble? Humility means leveling yourself with others whereas self confidence comes from a higher perception of the self. Right?

Well… yes, it is more complicated than that. Yes, that is blatant generalization. And yes, I am mostly correct in my assessment. I have (believe it or not), thought of both sides of the argument and I realize (believe it or not) that there remains many a book’s worth of material to cover before forming an opinion on the threads that create, sustain and rule the human society. 

But bear with me. I promise I have a point.

I was speaking to an intellectual (lets call him Bob) on another individual (lets call him Tom- yes I am THAT creative). 

Anyway, heres the conversation:

‘You know Shilpa, he just doesn’t understand his worth. His simplicity and humility really become his shackles when it comes to doing good business. Do you know what I mean?’
‘Of course’ Bob frowns as he thinks of his next profound statement,’being a good businessman means taking care of people that work for you but you have to take charge and really tell them like it is. They have to know who’s boss. They have to know you’re confident in the way you handle things.’
‘The worst problem is that no one takes him seriously because he’s so nice’
‘Um..well I -‘
‘You’re young but when you get to my level of experience, you know that sometimes you have to be a taskmaster’
I nodded my head, obviously I wasn’t going to get a word in.
‘Oh, I have to go, nice talking to you…’ Bob said as he walked away.

So when did being nice and humble become shackles? When did sympathy become limiting?

I might be ‘young’ and maybe ‘naive’ but I know that history has always respected kind and humble leaders. 

Or was that just in my head or in the stories I read? ❤

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Time II

“The whole culture is telling you to hurry, while the art tells you to take your time. Always listen to the art.”
— Junot Diaz

Yea, that’s why I took 2 years to halfway finish my painting mom!<3

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Good Man Bad Man

“What is a good man but a bad man’s teacher?
What is a bad man but a good man’s job?
If you don’t understand this, you will get lost, however intelligent you are.
It is the great secret.”
Lao Tzu

But who defines the man? ❤

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“So many people glorify and romanticize “busy”. I do not. I value purpose. I believe in resting in reason and moving in passion. If you’re always busy/moving, you will miss important details. I like the mountain. Still, but when it moves, lands shift and earth quakes.” Joseph Cook

It is more important to have a purpose that to just have a ‘job’. The former may require uneasy conversations with ourselves but it’s better than having the life of an industrial drone. Choice is ours 🙂

“So many people…

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