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Birthday Hike


Leave it to my dad to want to celebrate his birthday at the Stanford Dish! Happy (belated) Birthday daddy, may we continue to climb higher peaks!!!! ‚̧

P.S. For anyone who hasn’t looked into Charity Miles, it definitely beats Pokemon Go at providing an impetus to go out there and break a sweat!!! Although, my sister did catch 2 Pikachus and overtake a Pokemon gym at the Dish!! ;P


Level 20??! @_@


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Along the Pacific Coast Highway in Three Days (Mostly In Pictures, Coz Who Needs Words?) 2/3


Our last stop on day one was Carlton Hotel (you can see the first post in the series here), where, in the morning, we found a delicious breakfast at Black Porch Bakery. Again, (surprise!) a cafe! If I lived there, this cafe would definitely be a haunt! ūüôā

After checking out, we backtracked ¬†to see the spectacular Morro Rock. Trust me, the pictures don’t do the area justice. I could have spent the entire day there! It was beautiful.

Shilpa_Tripathi_PCH_RoadTrip_morro - 28

Pacific Coast Roadtrip: Day 2 Morro Rock

Then, there was the Brown Butter Cookie Company. Expensive, local, buttery goodness!

The sweet treat¬†readied us for the gorgeous eye candy that would follow. We were absolutely blown away by the magnificence and beauty of Hearst Castle. The man and his wife created not only an empire, but a brilliant legacy. I secretly made a wish that I would be inspired by the muse that inspired him! ‚̧ #mindblown

On the way to Monterey, we spotted the stunning McWay Falls.

Shilpa_Tripathi_PCH_RoadTrip_hearst&monterey - 22.jpg

The drive to Monterey was gorgeous but my GoPro let me down and captured mostly the dashboard of our car! Then, we checked into one of my favorite hotels-ever! The Spin Drift Inn located beachfront on Cannery Row in Monterey. We were greeting with ‘happy hour’ at the lobby!¬†

For dinner, I really wanted Mexican Food. We found La Bahia and their delicious Enchiladas! Yummy! Did I mention there was a brownie sundae from Ghirardelli that followed? Yep!

Thanks for reading!!! Hope you’re planning the coastal¬†trip for yourself!¬†(You can read¬†the first post in the series¬†here)

Again, I would like to thank¬†California Through my Lens¬†and Josh’s blogs on¬†Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) Road Trip Day Guide. #checkitout





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Along the Pacific Coast Highway in Three Days (Mostly In Pictures, Coz Who Needs Words?) 3/3


Hello and welcome to day three of the road trip! (You can¬†read¬†the first post in the series¬†here¬†and the¬†second post here) I left you off with some brownie sundae on Cannery Row! On day three, we took the opportunity to explore the almost ‘private beach’ behind Spin Drift Inn.

Shilpa_Tripathi_PCH_RoadTrip_monterey&sc - 1

Pacific Highway Road Trip: Day 3 Monterey Bay

Leaving Monterey was tough but I was excited about Santa Cruz! By the time we reached Santa Cruz, we were ready for lunch at Burgr & dessert at¬†Donnelly Chocolates. Their chocolates are famous all over US (and the world, claimed by the company ;P) so if you drop by, it might be worth a try if you have a sweet tooth. It wasn’t per my palette but my sister and friends loved them!

Santa Cruz is one of the most stunning beaches in California! ‚̧

After Santa Cruz was a quick drive through Mavericks (Because who isn’t a fan of Chasing Mavericks!) Photographed here is the Pillar Point Air Force Station that overlooks Half Moon Bay.

Shilpa_Tripathi_PCH_RoadTrip_sf - 1.jpg

It was a mid-day energy slump so we found this tiny little cafe along the coast called Here Comes The Sun. They were closing so the coffee was whatever but I thought the interiors were adorable!

We finally reached San Francisco and the final hotel stop was the Mark Hopkins Intercontinental. It was a gorgeous view and was worth the splurge.

Z&Y are one of my favorite Chinese restaurant ever so there was no way we wouldn’t do dinner there! They actually have decent vegetarian options. After Obama stopped by the restaurant has gotten very mainstream but the food is still great! This was followed by the Pagan Idol on Bush St.¬†to cap the night! Bet you thought you would see Bush and Obama in the¬†same paragraph on¬†this blog huh? Well… Just keeping you on your toes!

Before heading back to square one, we had some delicious breakfast followed by a tour of Grace Cathedral, kind of coming full circle! 

Thanks for joining us on our road trip!!! What did you think? Which places would you include along the coast? (You can read the first post in the series here and the second post here)

Again, I would like to thank¬†California Through my Lens¬†and Josh’s blogs on¬†Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) Road Trip Day Guide. #checkitout


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Free Advice


Don‚Äôt remind¬†me of what¬†I have done.¬†Help me figure out¬†where I am going. ‚̧ Shilpa

I have an aversion to free advice. I change. I don’t need to be reminded of the steps that brought me here. I want to talk about possibilities. I want to believe in magic. I want to conjure up a grand scheme. I want to tell and hear grand stories. ūüėČ ‚̧ ‚̧

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What June Gloom?

Just like my workspace photographed above, it has been¬†tumultuous¬†year so far! #MajorChanges happening. Amongst all that madness, I have still managed to snap¬†a couple of pictures celebrating the week that’s passed…I hope you find something interesting there ūüôā

RIP Muhammad Ali. Just like him, we must never stop the #Hustle

‚̧ Shilpa

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What’s Your Invisible Script?

the invisible script.002

We‚Äôre all actors to this mysterious, invisible script. The script is in us. The script is around us. It infiltrates us through the stories that surround us. It seeps into our consciousness as ‚Äėmanners‚Äô or ‚Äėnews‚Äô. It physicalizes itself through our actions. You can‚Äôt escape the script even if you tried. For what are we if not for our invisible scripts? Who are we if not the stories we leave behind?

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The glass blower’s secret

Just as the glass blower molds glass

and fills it with the rainbow

seconds before it hardens,

our innocent years fill us up

with habits,

with dreams to fulfill.

Perhaps after the formation,

we must break apart into a million pieces,

so that we may pick up the ones

which resonate with our soul

and glue them back together

with the hope of creating something resembling

the truest expression of our self.

We mustn’t fear the breaking,

because only after the breaking

comes the re-formation.

‚̧ Shilpa

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Permission to Be Kind

New Friend: I’m just gonna be real with you…The first time I met you, I didn’t like you. There was no way someone like you would be so nice. It’s like sugar-free kind of sweetness you know? It’s sweet but fake…I just like…thought you were a faker. I mean you dress up to go down the street. It’s like…why do you care so much? You’re not that important… (laughs awkwardly).

Me: Yikes.

NF: But, after getting to¬†know you, I realize it’s because you care about people who don’t deserve it. I mean, who haven’t proven that they deserve it.

S: How are they supposed to prove that? That they deserve to be cared for?

NF: By, I dunno. Doing things unconditionally for you. Without profit. Being nice, not expecting things in return.

S: Exactly.

You can imagine what an impact that ‘conversation’ had on¬†me… But in¬†order for me to convey my point (I promise that there is one), some back-story might¬†be in order…

All my life, I’ve travelled, never sticking to anything. Eventually I got adjusted to the change-up so much that I¬†almost had it down to a ritual. I started to love¬†it. I could be anyone, see new people and have new experiences. Every few years.

Before I was¬†out of my teens, my family had hiked¬†up the¬†social ladder, and in that¬†process, I had seen more than a quarter¬†of the globe and most of it’s people, in various¬†strata of society.¬†

When I was barely a teenager, my family moved back to India temporarily. I was out of friends again. I was an alien again. 

That year,¬†I met a girl who would end up becoming my best friend and teach me some of the most valuable lessons in kindness and empathy. She was¬†welcoming to everyone, remembered people’s birthdays and made people feel special. She was¬†everyone’s best friend. She was¬†everyone’s confidant. And she valued all¬†relationships equally.

You know what’s the best thing I learnt from her?¬†(THE POINT!)¬†

The fact that everyone, essentially, deserves kindness, even if they never recognize it. Because even if you end your relationship with them on bad terms, if you did your best to appreciate that person, without intention to receive anything, they will eventually use that experience to empower themselves or others (for however brief a moment that may be).

¬†Most people are hard to understand, let alone love. But when you find the complexity in their story and the choices that brought them where they are, it’s often easy to empathize with them, even if they are¬†villainous.

Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to force yourself to be around¬†toxic people! But if you happen to be around them, it may be a cool experience to see what made them who they are.

— ‚̧

Over several years, I have been¬†lucky enough to become close¬†friends with a handful of¬†amazing individuals in my life (not to mention¬†the family of badass individuals I grew up with). I’m talking about-totally amazing, high-performing individuals with integrity, character¬†and (sometimes) da bling bling. These are people who break stereotypes and boundaries and honestly don’t give a care about what anyone¬†thinks about them. They’re my own personal heroes. (And yes, they will be getting personal links to¬†this blog because they should know how inspiring they are to me).¬†

People are constantly telling me how nice I am. And how they didn’t expect it. It makes me sad that somehow my exterior doesn’t represent my interior. At the end of the day, however, it’s an opportunity for me to learn something new. A new way of communication, a new form of behavior, a new way of thought. Every exchange that I have with people, somehow, always ends up enriching me (or sometimes makes¬†a great blog topic lol). So give yourself the permission to be kind without the shackles of expectation and see how it works out… ‚̧ I’ll be right here cheering you on! ‚̧ Shilpa


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