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One Chance. Speak Up. Put Up.


If Trump and Clinton’s messy battle has taught me anything, it’s that in America, you really can do what you want and find like minded individuals to help enable you to do so. The land of opportunity is also the land of the great gamble. So, we must find that crazy animal within us and find the courage to put up every single day. If there is something we stand for, we must work. If there is something we want, we must work. And if we want to make a difference, we must work, work, werk it. 

Here’s to personal greatness & collective greatness, without the hatefulness. ❤ Shilpa

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The Hypothetical Day: Realized

Today I had an amazing day. You know that ‘if I were to die tomorrow’ hypothetical day? Yep. I had one of those. In fact, I’ve been having quiet a few of those lately. Surprisingly.

I think it’s happening because, finally, due to some law or another, I have reached a point where thinking is just not enough. Where anticipation doesn’t create enough butterflies. Where over processing is well, a snooze…

These realized ‘hypothetical days’ are all different of course. The content and people involved vary and rarely coincide. But what’s brilliant is that there is no magic formula to this day, just a magic ingredient. Courage. Yes, you heard it first at shilpatripathi.com folks. Courage.

I just do it. The Nike folks beat me to that one but it’s true. And if I’m really inspired, I plan some components of the day a night in advance. Sweetness. What’s the best part? Being completely involved. No headphones to kill the time required! Wow. Now, that’s awesome!

Of course, there are more days when it doesn’t pan out. Where things remain in my brain. But something tells me the increasing frequency of the realized ‘hypothetical day’ is a step in the right direction…

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