I know of many people who don’t create or express themselves because of their fear of not being heard. Because of their fear of ‘wasting’ their time on creating something that isn’t appreciated.

But who am I to impede the creativity in me, in it’s multiple expressions?

Who am I to judge it’s effectiveness or it’s worth?

Van Gogh took his life, pained by his perception that he wasn’t seen or heard. Today, his name is written in the golden letters of history. A creator, of any kind, (I’m talking any thing: a product, an invention, a piece of art or even (and most of all) a child- a creation truly in the image of it’s creator), must be revered and loved for what it is- a miracle.

❤ Shilpa



I want to make and say beautiful things.

Until everything in my mind is in front of me.

Regardless of who listens.

Despite who sees.

❤ Shilpa


Who Listens? Who Sees?

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2 thoughts on “Who Listens? Who Sees?

  1. nidshah says:

    Love love love reading from you!!


    Liked by 1 person

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