You are enough. Don’t let others tell you otherwise.

My Grandma & Me!

Being in the entertainment industry, I meet people who love me and I meet people who, well, don’t quite love me. 😛 But somehow, I always meet people who want to change me. I listen to everyone… ‘Yes, sir’… ‘No, sir’… ‘Of course, sir!’…But unless someone really gives me a solid piece of advice without bias, I never pay heed.

Awesome readers, never ever look at yourself with someone else’s perspective. It’s just that, a perspective. A point of view.

Remember: For every hundred people who want to change you, you will find one person who loves you for who you are (Lucky for me, I have several…Love you mom, dad, sis, nani, mama, mami, Ambuj P, Sneha P, Sneha R,  Juhyun O, Neha C, Ruby G…wow! I’m seriously blessed! xoxo <3).

They are the keepers. Hold on to them and cherish them.

Who are those people in your life? Care to share?

❤ Shilpa

You are enough.

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2 thoughts on “You are enough.

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