My Daddy Taught Me


Today, on my dad’s birthday, I just wanted to share four wise things he has inculcated in my sister and I (always through his actions, never just words):

<3 Integrity above Individuality. Standing for something is better than swaying every-which way. Even though I’m in search for many many answers, every experience I have must be founded on what I truly believe in.

<3 I don’t have to put myself first to be important. My (and my sister’s :D) dad is a BOSS. But he never takes credit. He enables. He steps down. More importantly, he puts people first, in order to let their true natures blossom (even though sometimes they blossom in ways that are less palatable lol). His quiet demeanor is the mark of a true leader: a person who lets people ‘do them’ to their very best abilities.

<3 Karma takes care of it. I remember incidences when I was younger and people would mouth off nasty things. My dad would tell me to just shake it off (and always with a smile on his face). He always tells me that what you do is the only thing within your control. Everything else will run it’s course. And that’s where the secret of life lies: if you’re truly doing your best all the time and treating people well, you create a life that you’re always satisfied with. Karma does take care of all those factors that make life a little less awesome. You better believe it!

<3 Most Importantly, stay humble, stay adventurous and stay happy. It’s all within you!!!

Love you daddy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! God bless you and your every endeavor. <3 Shilpa

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Fire It Up


“Days To Come And Such” By Shilpa Tripathi

How did I end my birthday week? I created this little (well big) beauty! This fruit bowl is ready to fire and I can’t wait to see how rich the colors come out… I’ll share when it does ❤️ #SanJuanCapistrano #TheCeramicsStudio

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Best. Present. Ever.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 7.42.50 PM

It’s my birthday! WOHOO! <3

This year, birthday blues turned to birthday bliss turned to birthday memories…. One’s that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I had a teacher in high school who shared something at a time in my life when I was hungry to be a wave of change in this world (I still am today). She said that even if she feels like she hasn’t contributed anything the whole year, she finds the time/ money to make a difference in people’s lives on her birthday. So whether it was her birthday or of someone special in her life, she would donate her time or money every year. I carried that with me. For several years now, I’ve decided that my special day should become special for someone else.

This year, I found an opportunity to gift fifty kids vaccination. It’s not a lot but it made me feel pretty darn good. Not to mention, my prayers are that those vaccinations give some kids an opportunity to survive (maybe a future leader/ caregiver/ inventor XD :* ).

So, incase you feel like you want to be a superhero for your birthday (or any other time of the year)… or maybe just give an inspired gift to someone who needs a few blessings, you should check out

<3 you all very much! Thanks for reading!

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Movie Power

I wanted to share an interesting experience I had today around 7 PM. Four of us were hanging out doing different things (mostly looking up fun things to do on a Friday night or contemplating what to wear) and passively had The Blindside playing in the background. No one wanted to watch the serious film. It was Friday, hello!

But the movie continued to play.

Different dialogues in the film brought different people in front of the TV until all of us were huddled around it smiling (or tearing up) over the awkward interactions between Leigh (Sandra Bullock) and Michael (Quinton Aaron).

For the rest of the one hundred and ten minutes, no one moved (except for me, I blogged this during the commercial breaks 😅). We engulfed that story hook, line and sinker.

11 PM came and we had our #TGIF moment. And it was in our loungewear, crying  and laughing along with the characters of the inspiring film, in front of our TV.

That’s the magic of a powerful script with incredible storytelling…

That’s the magic of movies. ❤️

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Happy 69th Indian Independence Day!

I’m so proud to be made in India. Happy 69th Indian Independence Day (even though we’re thousands of years old… I know… We age well :))!! [P.S. This was written on the 15th of August!]HappyIndianIndependenceDayShilpaTripathi

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Ten Reasons Life Without Notifications is Better

Life With No Notifications
It’s been two days since I last checked my social media.

Due to an error when I updated my OS, all my notifications got disabled. After the initial panic, I realized that I’ve never been happier. It also sparked the following observations:

1) No update, post or message is as urgent as it seems (if something is that important, someone will call me).

2) I don’t need to know what everyone is doing all the time. I’m good.

3) I can get by with checking my messages and social media updates once a day. I will manage to stay in touch and not offend people with my lack of inmediate interest in their cat video or witty update about their job or political inclinations. I will not become irrelevant because of these actions.

4) it’s nice not to be led by my technology. I will no longer react to beeps and vibrations on my phone. I am not a trained animal. (Well, I am trained in basic mannerisms and all… Just not by media-makers.)

5) My real life is not limited to pixels.

6) I can actually experience things without getting interrupted.

7) I’m not pseudo-experiencing things just because it photographs like fun. Ugh. You know it people… Most of those #bbfs are #fake (and so is that smile). #disillusioned

8) Life is happening now. No really. That clock on my wall isn’t lying. Neither is that calendar. ;) #tbt can’t help me actually go back in time… (I wish)!

9) & 10) I’m freeeeeee!!!!!!!! Woohooo!!!!

❤️ Shilpa

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The Rings Of Hell Or Something Like It

I’ve lived on Wilshire in downtown Los Angeles for the almost a year now, and everyday, for the past three hundred or so days, I see a homeless man sitting (almost always passed out) along the bridge that overlooks the freeway. He always covers his face with a dirty grey cloth and just lies there, never asking or communicating with any passerbys who work in the surrounding areas. I’ve seen this man whither away over the past year in front of my eyes and it just curdles my blood to think what he must be going through. Despite several attempts at communicating with him, it seems that I’m no closer to helping him.

Worse yet, over the past six months, homeless tents have sprouted over and under bridges all over downtown. The economy is brutal. Once u lose a job or a home or the will to live, it feels like a downward spiral into the rings of Hell. The soup kitchens can only sustain a limited number of people. What does an average person such as myself do to help? What would you do? #staygrateful #lendahelpinghand

NOTE: I just signed up for ‘Feeding America‘. Specifically the Tony Robbin’s 100 Million Meals Challenge but I’m looking for other opportunities where I can actually enable one-on-one conversations and hands-on approach to helping.

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24 Reasons Why You Should Celebrate Jon Stewart’s Birthday

I’ve always thought that standing for something is better than swaying for everything. Jon Stewart is a bang-on example of what it’s like to have a grip on yourself. I many not like everything he says a hundred percent, but I’m glad he said it (24  glowing examples of which are on this post)! Happy birthday Mr. Stewart! Ya did good! ‘MERICA! ❤️

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