Still I Rise By Shilpa Tripathi

Still I Rise By Shilpa Tripathi, Construction paper, poster paint, Ink

A few blue moons ago, I had posted the poem Still I Rise by Maya Angelou. This tremendous poem inspired me to create this wall art (currently laid out on a wall along the entrance to my bedroom). I thought that this was kind of inspiring so wanted to share it with you!

The letters are drawn and painted with ink (No, They aren’t printed XD) and the graphic work is done in poster paints. The poem and the work represents the hope I have every morning when I wake up: People rise out of difficult situations every second… There is nothing that should bring us down. :D <3 Shilpa

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Self-Portrait (Or So It Seems)

Self Portrait By Shilpa Tripathi

Self Portrait By Shilpa Tripathi

This is my very first Self Portrait.

Why? I have too many pictures of me.

So whats this painting about, you ask?

You can’t photograph that!

Also, I guess once every twenty-or-so years, is almost kind of mandatory.

So what’s with the flames? Well this was supposed to be a painting of Sati. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Hindu mythology, Sati was Shiva’s wife (the God of destruction). I wanted to represent the story where she jumped into the flames of her father’s ceremonial pyre to represent her faith and love for Shiva.

On reflection, I realized that I have jumped into the pyre for my beliefs too. And so have many other courageous girls and women I know of. Before I knew it, I started feeling that Sati’s story represents that of every woman (or individuals, really): Those who jump into the fire for what they love.

Soon, the painting started to evolve as a representation of the sacrifices we make for our love, faith and belief and how every time we jump, we rise like a phoenix: More beautiful and stronger than ever before.

Though it’s a self portrait, I dedicate it to every woman (shout-out to my my mom, sister & grandma). <3 Shilpa

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Where’s Harry (Potter)?

Where's Harry By Shilpa Tripathi

Where’s Harry? By Shilpa Tripathi

I just found sketches of Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Severus Snape and Serius Black in my art treasure chest and thought I would share it in the form of a movie poster. I just had to utilize their expressions, they all have such ‘searching’ expressions, don’t they? Well, Severus just looks suspicious. :P

It’s obvious that I’m a die-hard Harry Potter fan. Well, I’m a die hard Harry Potter Series and JK Rowling fan. Apparently I drew my own version of Ron, Hermione, Snape and Serius (before the movies came out) and left Harry out. :/ So, I decided to make a fun little project called Where’s Harry? In my imagination, it’s a story of when the four of them go on a spell-filled and magical-creature-ridden search on Ron’s Nimbus 2000 (Serius and Snape apparate ofcourse) to search for Harry Potter. The adventure that ensues is nothing short of magical (roll your eyes at the pun if you must)!

LOL…. enjoy!

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Ars Gratia Artis

I just published on behance! <3 Go on… you know you want to look :P <3

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Orchids & The Theory of Things

Orchid's View

Shilpa: ‘My Orchid is so beautiful! Isn’t it?’

Friend: ‘Why’s that, Shilpa?’

S: ‘Wow… Umm…Because it’s delicate, colorful, soft, textured…’

F: ‘No.’

S: ‘Because it’s pleasing to the eyes?’

F: ‘No.’

S: ‘Because it’s vulnerable yet valiant?’

F: ‘Nope. Very poetic of you, but no.’

S: ‘OK, smartypants. Why is my orchid beautiful?’

F: ‘It’s because, in comparison to every other foliage you know of, the orchid is one of the most pleasing to the eyes.’

S: ‘Isn’t that what I said?’

F: ‘Nope. I’m saying that the orchid is beautiful by comparison. If every other plant was prettier than it, it would pale in comparison. But isn’t that true about everything we know? Through comparison?’

S: ‘So how would it be if we stopped comparing things? Where would that take humanity, do you think?’

F: ‘Probably in circles until we started comparing again…’

S: ‘Touche, Friend. Touche…’ <3 Shilpa

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Max N Relax

Evil Eye & 70's Ice Cream Cone Pots (Go Figure!) By Shilpa Tripathi

Evil Eye & 70’s Ice Cream Cone Pots (Go Figure!) By Shilpa Tripathi

Despite resisting the more ‘craftier’ arts for most of my life (due to selective hand-eye coordination), I’m really starting to enjoy throwing clay on a wheel (Above: Evil Eye and 70’s Ice Cream Cone Pots that I painted today and are heading to the kiln as I write this). The feeling of molding the clay between my fingers while it spins is strangely therapeutic (maybe even hypnotic), kind of like running my toes in the sand while looking into the endless expanse of the ocean. It’s really stress relieving. So, if anyone is looking for a messy but gratifying artistic pursuit, I’d recommend heading to a ceramic studio (mine was conveniently near the beach so I got maximum therapy). <3 Shilpa

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