Orchids & The Theory of Things

Orchid's View

Shilpa: ‘My Orchid is so beautiful! Isn’t it?’

Friend: ‘Why’s that, Shilpa?’

S: ‘Wow… Umm…Because it’s delicate, colorful, soft, textured…’

F: ‘No.’

S: ‘Because it’s pleasing to the eyes?’

F: ‘No.’

S: ‘Because it’s vulnerable yet valiant?’

F: ‘Nope. Very poetic of you, but no.’

S: ‘OK, smartypants. Why is my orchid beautiful?’

F: ‘It’s because, in comparison to every other foliage you know of, the orchid is one of the most pleasing to the eyes.’

S: ‘Isn’t that what I said?’

F: ‘Nope. I’m saying that the orchid is beautiful by comparison. If every other plant was prettier than it, it would pale in comparison. But isn’t that true about everything we know? Through comparison?’

S: ‘So how would it be if we stopped comparing things? Where would that take humanity, do you think?’

F: ‘Probably in circles until we started comparing again…’

S: ‘Touche, Friend. Touche…’ <3 Shilpa

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Max N Relax

Evil Eye & 70's Ice Cream Cone Pots (Go Figure!) By Shilpa Tripathi

Evil Eye & 70’s Ice Cream Cone Pots (Go Figure!) By Shilpa Tripathi

Despite resisting the more ‘craftier’ arts for most of my life (due to selective hand-eye coordination), I’m really starting to enjoy throwing clay on a wheel (Above: Evil Eye and 70’s Ice Cream Cone Pots that I painted today and are heading to the kiln as I write this). The feeling of molding the clay between my fingers while it spins is strangely therapeutic (maybe even hypnotic), kind of like running my toes in the sand while looking into the endless expanse of the ocean. It’s really stress relieving. So, if anyone is looking for a messy but gratifying artistic pursuit, I’d recommend heading to a ceramic studio (mine was conveniently near the beach so I got maximum therapy). <3 Shilpa

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Here Birdy

Birdman, By Alejandro G Inarritu was a trip. I want to say the obvious: Michael Keaton is a genius; Edward Norton is a genius; Everyone in the film is so on-point that it’s like watching a perfect symphony; If you haven’t seen it, do so…

But… you can find that on a movie review anywhere…

For me…

Birdman is a representation of the ego in us, heightened with tremendous subtext for cinematic metaphor. It’s the negative berration we subject ourselves to every single day. It’s the ‘superhuman’ in our heads that we want to become. It’s our desire for immortality, constantly prodding us toward the devastating thought that all of our pursuits might never amount to anything. That one day, we will fade away…

But to save ourselves from Birdman, we don’t have to jump off the ledge, we just have to disassociate ourselves from the outcomes of our actions. Birdman will let us fly only when we don’t care anymore. When we’re just as content being grounded as we are flying…  <3 Shilpa

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Chin Up, Head Down

I grew up seeing my dad work day in and day out. I grew up seeing my mom work alongside him. No complaints. Only faith.

Chin up, head down.

The immigrant mentality.

Today, I am surrounded with a very different set of people. The privileged. People who actually got something when they complained. It’s bizarre to me. Complain? To whom? For what? If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, accept it. That’s the rule.

I want to shake these people. Wake them up. How can you miss the world around you? Do you think that a kid in poverty can cry his way out of thirst? Do you think that a person in pain can whine his way out of pain? Did they deserve this? No. No. NO!

No matter how life has served you, complaining is not a solution. And if venting releases your stress, I would suggest doing to to your least favorite stuffed toy. No one deserves to be the sounding board for relentless negativity. It’s just not fair.

I like to complain too. But I fight it. Somedays better than others. But it’s possible to live a life without hostility. Just decide.

Chin up, head down.

Life is happening now, whether we agree with it or not. <3

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Just wanted to share my 36 X 48 Acrylic painting Shiva. I finished it several months ago but was waiting for the right time and I feel like this is it. The painting represents Shiva bringing the holy river Ganges to Earth. I’ve also included ‘process’ pictures for those of you wanting to see the steps involved. I honestly started this painting over four times, unable to achieve my minds vision with the limitations of the medium and technique. Also, since it’s a figment of my imagination (with the help of some great anatomical references) a lot of the difficulty was committing to a specific method and forgoing the rest. I hope you enjoy it. It’s truly a piece of my heart.  <3 Shilpa 

Shiva By Shilpa Tripathi

Shiva By Shilpa Tripathi

Shiva Process By Shilpa Tripathi

Shiva Process By Shilpa Tripathi

Lessons & Such

Expectations come up in behaviors, not in conversations. #ExpectVictory #ConductYourDreams #CreateValue

It really sucks to not fulfill your potential. STOP. Recuperate. Recondition. A lost week/ month/ year of reflection can change the course of your life and therefore the world. I’m right there with you (and I’d be happy to talk about it).

<3 Shilpa

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